Software Engineer

As part of a team working on new games in production, you’ll ideate, explore, and develop across game genres to deliver an amazing game into players’ hands. If you have a passion for game development and expertise that brings a project to life, then your team is waiting!

Our Technology

There are fantastic problems to solve on how to make fast-paced eSports possible on mobile, and we've already made great progress.

We use the Unity game engine together with a separate deterministic simuluation layer. We build on techniques similar to GGPO[1] to use client prediction and rollback to enable fast-paced competition on mobile. We work primarily in C# and Python.

Essential Duties

  • Participate in playtests with the entire team to gather feedback and push our games forward
  • Work collaboratively with other game developers, game designers, and testers to improve the experience and offering to our players
  • Develop systems spanning gameplay, backend, internal tooling, and/or user interfaces.

  1. Gamasutra: The lag-fighting techniques behind GGPO's netcode ↩︎